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More Than 10 Manufacturers unable to avoid Iron Filings in Hydraulic Valve Block, But AAK Mass Produced It a Year Ago

Create: 10/20/2021
Expired Date:11/20/2021
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:Maarten purchased a batch of hydraulic valve blocks some time ago. In the early test, the system parameters were normal. Strangely, 10 days after the hydraulic valve block was started, the hydraulic oil in the system suddenly deteriorated. The technician immediately suspended the operation of the whole test system. After inspection, it was found that there were small iron filings in the hydraulic oil, and the valve spool of the cartridge valve connected with the hydraulic valve block also showed signs of wear. Maarten mentioned these problems to the hydraulic valve manufacturer, but the hydraulic manufacturer asked the customer to use better hydraulic oil and avoided the problem of his own hydraulic valve block. With delivery date approaching, Maarten is very helpless. Maarten really had no choice but to try to find other suitable hydraulic valve manufacturers on the website to take over the hydraulic valve block order. He consulted no less than 10 manufacturers in a week, but all manufacturers gave the same reply, they could not 100% avoid fine iron filings. This made Maarten start to doubt the ability of the hydraulic valve manufacturers in China. Before, Maarten had a certain understanding about us AAK hydraulic valve through some B2B websites, so with a try mentality, he directly emailed us a trial order for 5 hydraulic valve blocks. After receiving our hydraulic valve blocks, Maarten tested and compared, he found that AAK hydraulic valve block has strong sealing, high precision and gloss finish. What's more, he was glad that there was no iron filings residue. He immediately sent the drawings, quantity, delivery date and other detailed requirements of the hydraulic valve blocks currently being purchased from the other hydraulic valve manufacturer. After confirming all details with us, he cancelled the order with the original hydraulic valve manufacturer. At this moment, Maarten could finally rest assured.
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