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Berge knows the type of hydraulic valve refined by AAK and how to understand the description from the hydraulic valve manufacturer

Create: 11/17/2021
Expired Date:12/17/2021
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:In Google, enter the types of hydraulic valves, and you can get a series of information about the types of hydraulic valves. It looks like that each description about the types of hydraulic valves are all right. This makes Berge a very big headache. He transferred from the quality control department to the import department. He is a very studious buyer. Every time, when domestic hydraulic valve manufacturers in China receive his design drawings, they ask a lot of questions about the types of hydraulic valves. Berge asked me how to clearly understand the types of hydraulic valves expressed by hydraulic valve manufacturers and how AAK classifies the types of hydraulic valves. I gave him an example. If there are a pile of chairs there with various shapes and materials, how should we classify them? Firstly divide the same kind of materials together, and then classify them for the second time to put different shapes together. This simple dichotomy is also suitable for the types of hydraulic valves. What is a hydraulic valve? It is a hydraulic element used to control liquid pressure, flow and direction in hydraulic transmission. Let’s classify the types of hydraulic valves for the first step: A. The types of hydraulic valves are divided into 3 categories according to their functions: directional control valve (such as one-way valve, reversing valve etc.), pressure control valve (such as relief valve, sequence valve, pressure reducing valve etc.), flow control valve (such as throttle valve, speed regulating valve etc.). B. According to the operation, the types of hydraulic valves are divided into manual valve, motorized valve, electric valve, hydraulic valve etc.. C. According to the control, the types of hydraulic valves are divided into Control valve, Cartridge valve and sandwich plate valve. D. According to the installation, the types of hydraulic valves are divided into threaded connection valve, plate connection valve, integrated connection valve, Superposition valve and cartridge valve
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