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AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE, A Hydraulic Cartridge Valve Manufacturer With Filtration Accuracy Up to 10 Microns, Had Mass Produced It 3 Years Ago

Create: 11/23/2021
Expired Date:12/23/2021
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:Nearly 90% of the hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers in Ningbo can not achieve the filtration accuracy as high as 10 Microns. But AAK is 1 of the less than 10% hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers with a filtering accuracy up to 10 Microns. Dylan came to AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE with a very special two position two-way hydraulic cartridge valve. I knew he should have encountered a problem. For this special hydraulic cartridge valve, the filtration accuracy of 10 Microns was the minimum requirement. Dylan consulted the existing cooperated hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers, but none of them could meet the requirement. Most hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers said that the filtering accuracy of 25 Microns is 100% no problem. Only 1 hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer gave feedback and was 70% sure that the filtering accuracy could reach 10 Microns. Dylan directly asked me, is it really difficult for these hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers in Ningbo to achieve the filtering accuracy of 10 microns? How can so many hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers have said that they can only achieve the filtering accuracy of 25 Microns? I could understand his helplessness and confusion. This is because that the conventional hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers produce hydraulic valves according to domestic hydraulic standards in China. Not only 1 or 2, but nearly 90% of hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers, can only able to get the filter element aperture reaches 25μm. We AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE also used conventional filters at the beginning, and the filtration accuracy was also based on domestic standards. 3 years ago, a German hydraulic valve customer requested the accuracy requirement of 10 Microns, which was not only a stimulus but also a challenge for us.
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