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The Hydraulic Pressure Reducing Valve With A Service Life of Only 3 Months Is Completely Different After AAK Took Over The Order

Create: 11/25/2021
Expired Date:12/25/2021
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:Recently, I received the second re-order of a hydraulic pressure reducing valve from French client Chinning. I still remember when I first met Chinning in 2020, Chinning purchased hydraulic pressure reducing valves in a hydraulic valve factory and encountered quality complaints from her customers. The hydraulic pressure reducing valve was deformed in less than 3 months, and some valve spools and valve sleeves were seriously worn. More and more customers began to return goods, and the old suppliers did not cooperate with her work. Chinning had a big headache at that time, and the boss kept putting pressure on her to find a hydraulic valve manufacturer with exquisite quality as soon as possible. Chinning did not find a new hydraulic valve manufacturer very smoothly. Because her hydraulic pressure reducing valve had a special use scenario and required high hardness of materials, it was unbearable for ordinary factories. At the same time, under the environmental protection policy of 2019, many previous heat treatment and processing factories were shut down, so the supply supporting system was disrupted, and the heat treatment and processing of many hydraulic valve manufacturers could not keep up. Chinning found us AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE on Google by chance. Chinning's first question message on our website was "how does AAK ensure the service life of hydraulic valve products"? We didn't answer directly, but asked her if the hydraulic valves you purchased had the problem of deformation and rapid wear. She also replied quite frankly that she should find a hydraulic valve manufacturer that paid attention to the service life of hydraulic valves in the fastest time. I sent her several samples of hydraulic pressure reducing valve and told her that different parts of our hydraulic pressure reducing valve have different material hardness standards, and some could reach about 50-55HRC or higher. There is even no problem with 65HCR with special requirements.
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