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AAK solved the problem in 18 days for the hydraulic check valves that could not be solved by factories in the United States and Germany

Create: 12/23/2021
Expired Date:01/23/2022
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:Daniel is a purchaser of Liebherr branch in Germany. He is responsible for the procurement of hydraulic components. He has done an excellent job some time ago and has been praised by his supervisor for many times. Before the shopping season, he wanted to relax and planned to go on vacation with his family next week. A phone call from the owner disrupted all his plans. A major dealer in Sweden asked for help for a excavator produced by their company within 1 week . His engineer came to the user for routine maintenance and found that there was oil leakage in the hydraulic system. After pressure test, it was found that there was oil leakage in the hydraulic check valve, and 12 excavators had such faults. Daniel hurriedly contacted the American supplier for this hydraulic check valve, and got the reply that it was too cold in Sweden at this time. For such high-frequency operation, even if the hydraulic check valve was replaced, it was estimated that the hydraulic check valve would still leak oil 1 week later. Unless more low temperature resistant sealing rings are used, this will take time to test, but the finishing time is to be determined. Daniel was so helpless, he had to find a new hydraulic valve supplier. Daniel asked several local hydraulic valve manufacturers. They either didn't have time to produce or require over 50pcs MOQ. After knowing these situations, the supervisor asked Daniel to give the dealer a plan that can be implemented within 10 days. Daniel had to cancel the vacation. Daniel thought of AAK HYDRUALIC VALVE who he had contacted for inquiry before. He emailed us to ask whether we can produce the hydraulic check valve for the excavator, which needs to be resistant to low temperature. According to the drawings and working conditions provided by him, we advised that it takes 20 days to customize. All our existing hydraulic check valves are not close to this size.
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