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The New Designed Hydraulic Valve Block Replaces that of the German Factory, Berton Transferred Order from Germany to AAK

Create: 12/27/2021
Expired Date:01/27/2022
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:At the beginning of last month, Berton sent an email to us, with the theme of "damn hydraulic valve block", which surprised me. I thought there was something wrong with the hydraulic valve block purchased by Berton from AAK. After reading the email, I learned that he purchased the hydraulic valve block from a German company. There was a leakage problem in the two proofing, and each time the sampling modifying process was very slow, which affected the commissioning of the whole equipment. The technical team had complained to the boss, who was a little annoyed and asked him to get the modified sample of the hydraulic valve block approved for the third time within 1 month. The German factory advised that the third hydraulic valve block sample could be solved at one time, but 1 month was not enough, which made Berton very helpless. Because this series of hydraulic valve blocks has been purchased in Germany before, Berton has to wait for the revised sample from the German factory, and find a new hydraulic valve block supplier at the same time. He wanted to check if AAK has any good suggestions. I asked him to send the hydraulic valve block design drawings to us, note the working conditions, and also send the second unconfirmed hydraulic valve block samples to AAK for comparison. According to Berton's drawings and the samples of the hydraulic valve block from the German factory, the finished product quality is good and worthy of being produced by the German factory. The root cause of the leakage is that the perpendicularity tolerance between the thread of the hydraulic valve block and its mating surface reaches 0.08mm, which should not be higher than 0.05mm according to the working conditions. This tolerance dimension is difficult to control and has high requirements for the operator, We recommend changing the system design of the hydraulic valve block. If it is successful, samples of hydraulic valve blocks can be sent within 25 days. Berton has no better choice but to wait passively.
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