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The Cavitation Fault is Difficult to Solve, But the First Sample of AAK Hydraulic Pressure Control Valve is Successful

Create: 02/16/2022
Expired Date:02/16/2023
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:AAK hydraulic pressure control valve is made of 100Cr2 bearing steel, with high hardness and high wear resistance. It also adopts distinctive heat treatment process, to ensure that the hydraulic valve has no cavitation. It takes only 2 weeks to solve the customer complaint and helps Erich out of the dilemma. Erich has been doing well in Linde company for several years. Recently, he was under great pressure due to a complaint. A hydraulic pump produced by Linde company went on strike after 8 months of use. The customer complained directly to the owner, who asked the after-sales department to find out the cause and solve it immediately. After inspection, the engineer found that mechanical damage had occurred on the metal surface of the pump, and the surface of the damage showed sponge like small holes, which should be caused by the hydraulic impact formed by the internal hydraulic system. At the same time, it was found that the hydraulic pressure control valve used in the system was the most serious, and no problems were found in other components. It was basically determined that the poor cavitation resistance of the hydraulic pressure control valve led to the strike. The owner asked Erich, who was responsible for the purchase of hydraulic pressure control valves, to re purchase hydraulic pressure control valves for these inoperable pumps within 20 days, to make sure no cavitation. Erich contacted the original supplier of hydraulic pressure control valve and informed him of the whole situation. The original supplier mentioned that before production, Erich didn't inform the current working condition. To meet this working condition, materials must be customized, which would not be allowed by the time, because it would take at least 40 days. Erich also contacted a number of hydraulic valve manufacturers and got the replies that they either could not meet the quality requirements or the time would not be enough. This is troublesome. It's too late for the 20 days of time frame given by the owner.
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