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Leakage in hydraulic check valves troubled Cuenca for 2 years, and AAK solved it in 2 months

Create: 04/07/2022
Expired Date:04/07/2023
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:Cuenca is a senior purchaser of AGRIA company in Spain. The boss is very satisfied with his purchasing work. Two years ago, AGRIA company developed a hydraulic equipment, and there were complaints after sales for more than half a year. The main problem was that the starting force of the hydraulic system would be insufficient, which was caused by the increase of internal leakage of the hydraulic check valves in the equipment. After Cuenca contacted the original hydraulic check valve manufacturer, the manufacturer said that some hydraulic check valves may have deviation during assembly, and he was willing to replace the hydraulic check valves with large leakage with new ones. Cuenca thought it was completely solved after replacement, but what surprised him was that less than a year after the new hydraulic check valve was replaced, the same problem occurred again. The boss was very disappointed with his purchase of hydraulic check valves this time. The manufacturer of the original hydraulic check valves still said that except for replacing the hydraulic check valves, there is no other way. Cuenca began to worry that if the same problem happened a third time, it would be too shameless. To be safe, he began to look for a new supplier of hydraulic check valves and began to test samples. At the same time, he also wanted to know why the hydraulic check valves produced by the original manufacturer leaked. In this way, Cuenca contacted AAK hydraulic valve. After several rounds of communication with Cuenca, we learned the story between him and the original manufacturer of hydraulic check valves, and suggested him to send us the hydraulic check valves with problem and provide us the drawings of hydraulic check valves at the same time. AAK engineer disassembled the hydraulic check valves of the original manufacturer and found that there were wear marks on the sealing line on the surface of the poppet valve.
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