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AAK hydraulic valve stands firmly in the international market by quality and says no to customers who force the price down

Create: 04/20/2022
Expired Date:04/20/2023
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:Yesterday morning, a colleague complained to me that he couldn't stand the Indian hydraulic valve customer. After communication, I learned that this old customer had to bargain every time when he placed the reorders, and he had asked for price reduction for 3 times. This time, this colleague couldn't bear it. There is an old Chinese saying that there is no need to bear it anymore. It seems to explain the legitimacy of the actions: I can't stand it. I have to do so. In fact, what you do when you can't bear it, whether it's right or wrong, good or bad, you shouldn't do it. What is the goal of AAK hydraulic valve? Isn't there more and more choice in the hydraulic valve industry? Specific to everyone of AAK hydraulic valve is to avoid making themselves have no choice. To be unbearable is to admit that you have fallen into a state of no choice. Think about my colleague carefully. Why didn't he have a choice? People often ask: is effort more important or choice more important? It is said that when you have a choice, choice is more important. If my colleague can insist on marketing like other colleagues and has more than 3 old customers of hydraulic valves, is there a better choice? And when you have no choice, hard work is important. In terms of specialty, adhere to the output of professional contents in hydraulic valve, and move towards the direction of technology and process; In terms of service, stick to the direction of trust. Combine the two, you don't need to worry about having no choice. In fact, there is another extension of this answer, that is, what is the purpose of efforts? Just to make yourself more selective. What is the AAK hydraulic valve effort for? In order to make ourselves have more choices to do a good job of hydraulic valves. AAK hydraulic valve adheres to the choice of subdivided target customers, and serves customers well with AAK hydraulic valve's distinctive advantages or distinctive technical features. AAK hyd
Oct 26 2022 Hydraulic cartridge pressure control valve specially for manifold with off center cavity, AAK assisted Galeno to participate in the exhibition successfully26
Aug 20 2022 AAK uses 3 skills to ensure that the hydraulic valve block is 100% burr free, which solved Liam's urgent need40
Jul 21 2022 2 million times durability hydraulic flow control valve, only AAK is shortlisted after 3 rounds38
Jul 02 2022 Some peers are imitating AAK hydraulic valve. What do you think?35
Jul 01 2022 Engineers define the hydraulic manifold design from 5 perspectives, making AAK have no peers45
Jun 08 2022 The hydraulic flow control valve is benchmarked with Brevini, and the Italian customer can't refuse the 3 great benefits of AAK51
Jun 07 2022 AAK hydraulic relief valve was 17% expensive, but no cavitation. The Canadian boss purchased 2,000pcs after 2 years43
Jun 06 2022 Hydraulic manifolds of 450MPa pressure resistance and ultra light weight , AAK samples can be used in aviation at one time48
Jun 05 2022 How do you understand AAK mindfulness of be a man of credit and integrity to make hydraulic valves?50
Jun 04 2022 Customer who are greedy for cheap hydraulic valves got back to AAK after suffering heavy losses56

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