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I regard quality as the highest principle of hydraulic valve manufacturing, why?

Create: 05/29/2022
Expired Date:05/29/2023
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:For a hydraulic valve manufacturer, if you produce hydraulic valve standard parts like your peers, without your differentiation or difference, you can only rely on a set of hard technical indicators of quality to make the market. I think this is the hard indicator of hydraulic valve manufacturing industry. The first thing for a hydraulic valve factory is quality positioning. I ask our engineers, workshop directors and technicians, even apprentices, to benchmark the global first-line hydraulic valve brands in terms of quality awareness, at least surpassing the quality of domestic first-line hydraulic valves. Otherwise, you are not suitable for hydraulic valve production in AAK. If you don't get the masterly skill really masterly, you are not qualified to enter the hydraulic valve market. With masterly skill, you have the confidence to produce orders for hydraulic valves from the world's top 500 enterprises. “Zhiliang”, also known as “Pinzhi”, is both quality in English. I don't understand why some hydraulic valve manufacturers have no differentiation, and the quality and technical indicators are strong neither. What does it depend on to win the world? Unless you cheat. Each industry has its own quality standards. At the same time, each product has its own enterprise quality standards, and the peers are different. This is the quality positioning. The positioning of AAK hydraulic valves is to benchmark the global first-line hydraulic valve brands. In recent years, AAK has never wanted to recruit new engineers, because it is very difficult to change an engineer's cognition, which takes 18 months, and it will take another 18 months for him to do it, totally 3 years, but maybe he left in the second year, and he had to say something he thought he was right. The manufacturing of hydraulic valves is exquisite. This characteristic is in the upstream of the manufacturing industry - materials, key parts, manufacturing equipment, etc. need long-term investment, continuous tracking an
City:Ningbo Zhejiang[CN] 
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