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Docetaxel CAS 114977-28-5 Manufacturer and Supplier

Create: 11/03/2022
Expired Date:never
Category: Antineoplastic agents [Health&Medical&Pharmaceutical]
Message:Docetaxel is a semi-synthetic API,and the second-generation anti-cancer API is obtained by semi-synthesis of 10-DAB.The intracellular concentration of docetaxel is 3 times higher than that of paclitaxel,and the intracellular retention time is longer,so it has stronger antitumor activity than paclitaxel.Hande Bio is a professional docetaxel manufacturer and supplier,providing high-purity docetaxel CAS 114977-28-5.For more details,please contact us online. 1.Product Information Name:Docetaxel CAS number:114977-28-5 Chemical formula:C45H57NO14 Specifications:99% Color:white powder Source:Semi-synthesized with 10-DAB Type:APIs 2.Planting base Hande's tens of thousands of acres of high-content yew planting bases in Yunnan can fully meet future raw material needs. The average content of paclitaxel is 4/10,000,and the content of 10DAB is 7/1,000,far exceeding that of traditionally planted yew. 3.Hande production capacity Production cycle:7 days. Hande production capacity:there is inventory,there is a process,and mass production is possible. 4.The strength of Hande Hande has a R&D team for many years.The team has applied for a number of patented inventions,and the process is seamless from laboratory to commercial mass production.The self-built GMP production base has passed the regulatory review of the US FDA,EU EDQM,China GMP,Japan PMDA,Australia TGA,South Korea,India,China Taiwan,Turkey,Russia,SGS,Dun&Bradstreet and other regulations.At the same time,the company is equipped with a research and development team,and has successively obtained a number of patents.QC testing room,highly realize product item testing.
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