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Hydraulic Flow Control Valve 3 Details to meet 2μm Accuracy

Create: 04/10/2024
Expired Date:never
Category: Hydraulic presses [Equipment&Machinery]
Message:For hydraulic cartridge flow control valve with 2μm accuracy, hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer AAK has 3 details to meet it Last week, Akjoor from Türkiye left a message on the website of the hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer AAK: I need the lead time of producing a standard hydraulic cartridge flow control valve, but the precision of the valve cage must be controlled within 2μm. After communication, we learned that Akjoor purchased 360 pcs of hydraulic cartridge flow control valves from another hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer. Except for the unstable valve cage accuracy, all other functions meet the requirements of their engineers. This hydraulic cartridge flow control valve is actually not difficult, with a valve cage accuracy of within 2μm is an additional requirement of Akjoor. Most hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers are only able to copy standard parts. If there are additional requirements, stability can be a problem. I sent Akjoor a video of hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer AAK produced hydraulic cartridge flow control valve cages last time, showing how AAK controlled the accuracy of the valve cages in 3 steps. The machining of AAK hydraulic threaded cartridge valve cage is carried out using Jidou fully automatic lathe, which is suitable for machining parts with precision requirements. After one clamping, the machining of the valve cage is completed in one go. 1. After the valve cage clamp is completed, check the positioning to ensure that the clamp is fixed without deviation, then close the safety door and start processing. 2. After the valve cage is processed, the technician takes out the valve cage and uses an air gun to remove debris from the valve cage and fixture. 3. Use a plug gauge to check the machining size of the valve cage. Today, we received the test order from Akjoor, but need to start production after CNY, because our workshop has already been closed due to CNY holiday.
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