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current transformer

Create: 04/07/2016
Expired Date:12/31/2016
Category: Sensor [Electronic]
Message:EHC is one of few Chinese manufactures with independent core technology in the line of electronics. We are committed to manufacture high precision current transformer, currently has the following series of current transformer products: CTG series are precision current transformers, the precision grade is 0.1 class,they are widely used in grid electricity measurement meter and intelligent power system; CTD series are Anti-DC component current transformers, they can detect the DC component of the current,the precision grade is 0.1 class,they are widely used in grid electricity measurement meters and intelligent power system; CTX series are linear current transformers, they can still main their good linearity even under the maximum current, the precision grade is 0.05 class、0.02 class; CTS series are high-precision current transformers, they are manufactured strictly under the instruction of "a current transformer" patent technology of patent number CN102709042B .their measurement accuracy can be:0.02S,0.01S,0.005,and are mainly used for the AC measurement of instruments and meters; CTM series are magnetic flux gate current sensors,they are used for DC current measurement, and are widely used in automotive electronics; We guarantee that 100% of our product would be tested before delivery. Quality is something we never neglect. Also we devote ourselves to cutting cost for our customers, so our price is pretty competitive. We welcome customers all around the world coming to visit our factory.
City:Tongxiang, Zhejiang[CN] 
Apr 27 2016customized high-precision current transformer731
Apr 27 2016customized linear current transformer700
Apr 27 2016customized anti-DC component current transformer591
Apr 27 2016customized precision current transformer685
Apr 19 2016Runway-type nanocrystalline cores587
Apr 19 2016Precision current transformer magnetic cores563
Apr 19 2016PFC Inductance cores567
Apr 19 2016Nanocrystalline cores for car inverter553
Apr 19 2016Linear current transformer magnetic cores572
Apr 19 2016High frequency transformer nanocrystalline cores497

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