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Wooden Magnetic Knife Holder

Create: 05/02/2016
Expired Date:12/31/2025
Category: Cook Knives [Home&Garden Supplies]
Message:STERILE --- Magnetic Knife strip wood holds knives let them drying rapidly and rust protection,keep away from the bacteria and easy cleaning. QUALITY ASSURANCE --- Permanent Ferrite which can keep magnetic forever,High-grade wood make it can work a long-time in the kitchen and keep it elegant! EASY INSTALL --- The magnetic knife strip includes two metal screws,please look our Installation Instructions before install it. PERFECT KITCHEN ADORNMENT --- Screw hidden under the magnetic knife holder,no screws or logos are visible once installed it that its shiny and elegant look is perfect for the kitchen adornment. More details please visit our website
City:Ningbo, Zhejiang[CN] 
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