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Quality Choline Chloride Powder/

Create: 07/03/2017
Expired Date:07/04/2018
Category: Raw materials [Health&Medical&Pharmaceutical] Skype: smile2bonnie WhatsApp: +86 13326135408 Product Name: Choline Chloride Alias: Bilineurin Chloride,Bilineurinchloride,Biocoline CAS: 67-48-1 EINECS: 200-655-4 MF: C5H14ClNO MW: 139.62 Purity: 98% MP: 298-304°C Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade Appearance: White Powder Vitamin B Drug Choline Chloride is often referred to as a vitamin B drug, and is a necessary low-molecule organic compound for maintaining physiological function off animal body. It can be synthesized inside animal body but still often need to be supplied to dietary and is a kind of vitamin in maximal usage amount. Inside animal body, it can be used for adjusting in vivo metabolism and conversion of fats and can prevent the deposition in liver and related tissue degeneration. As a methyl donor, it can promote the re-formation of amino acids and improve the utilization of amino acids. Stacking Choline Chloride is often taken in stacks with other cognitive enhancing nootropics like Piracetam. This class of nootropic, known as racetams, works similarly to choline by helping the brain to generate higher levels of acetylcholine. If acetylcholine production is over-stimulated with a racetram, the user might experience negative side effects like headaches or fatigue. Choline can act like a "back-up" support for the Piracetam, helping balance acetylcholine levels and dispelling the side effects in the process. Whether it is acquired through food sources like eggs and liver, or taken as a dietary supplement such as CDP Choline or Alpha GPC, Choline Chloride is an essential part of any mental "diet". By stimulating neurochemicals which aid in memory, mental clarity, and natural energy, this naturally occurring compound is the perfect partner to, and booster of, natural intelligence.
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