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Create: 07/03/2017
Expired Date:07/04/2018
Category: Raw materials [Health&Medical&Pharmaceutical] Skype: smile2bonnie WhatsApp: +86 13326135408 Product Name: Choline Alias: Choline Hydroxide CAS: 123-41-1 EINECS: 204-625-1 MF: C5H15NO2 MW: 121.18 Purity: 99% Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade Appearance: White Powder Choline has a number of functions in the body. In terms of nootropics and cognitive enhancement, its most important function is as precursor of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is crucial to nerve communication and is crucial for brain functions related to memory, concentration, learning ability, and virtually all aspects of cognition. The body breaks down choline from your diet into the neurotransmitter which is why having adequate choline in your system is essential for optimal brain performance. While your body naturally makes a small amount of this compound, we require external sources from our diet and supplements in order to meet our daily needs. Dosage Typically a dose of 250mg to 500mg is used for general health purposes once daily. For mechanisms through acetylcholine, the choline should be pulsed in high doses acutely as higher doses are partitioned to the brain to a greater extent. 1-2g is typically used. Doses should be titrated to suit the individual, as too high of a dose at any given time may give the user a headache. It is suggested that doses start out at 50-100mg daily and that users adjust upwards in accordance with their tolerance.
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