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Silica Aerogel High Temperature Insulation blanket

Create: 09/29/2019
Expired Date:09/13/2028
Category: Insulation blankets [Building&Construction]
Message:Silica Aerogel High Temperature Insulation blanket Contact: Huatao Group Limited Tel: +86 0311 80690567 Mobile: +86 18032422676 ( whatsapp/Wechat/Imo/Viber) Email : Web: Email: sandy (at) Web: 3W 3W Skype: huataogroup Aerogel Blanket Description FLEXIBLE Aerogel Blankets is the most effective high-temperature insulation material in the industrial market, typically 2-5 times thinner than other widely used insulation products. It is our easiest product ever to handle, store, and install. Aerogel Blanket is used for a wide range of industrial applications encompassing project and maintenance work in refineries, petrochemical, and gas processing plants. Aerogel Blanket with high-temperature insulation is versatile, efficient, durable, and more productive to install. The Aerogel Blanket has demonstrated time-saving advantages in turnarounds across a range of applications, with its greatest benefit seen in vessels and large bore piping. Aerogel Blanket Advantage Superior Thermal Performance Up to five times better high-thermal performance than competing insulation products Reduced Thickness and Profile Equal thermal resistance at a fraction of the thickness. Maximize process infrastructure and resolve mechanical clashes
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