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Pyrogel Cryogel Aerogel high temperature insulation Blanket

Create: 09/29/2019
Expired Date:09/25/2028
Category: Insulation blankets [Building&Construction]
Message:Pyrogel Cryogel Aerogel high temperature insulation Blanket Contact: Huatao Group Limited Tel: +86 0311 80690567 Mobile: +86 18032422676 ( whatsapp/Wechat/Imo/Viber) Email : Web: Email: sandy (at) Web: 3W 3W Skype: huataogroup How Does Aerogels Work? Aerogel, a material created on a bet between two scientists in the late 1920s, may be the most unique substance on? Earth. It's the lightest solid in existence -- Guinness World Records even said so -- but it can support 500 to 4,000 times its own weight (depending upon whom you ask) A cubic inch of aerogel could be spread out to cover an entire foot ballfield. It's breathable and fireproof, and it absorbs both oil and water. Aerogel is also amazingly strong, considering its weight. Aerogels can be great? Electrial conductors, yet when made from different materials, they are also one of the best insulators ever known So why don't aerogels have the A-list name recognition they deserve? How about aerogel insulation Huatao Aerogels offers high performance aerogel insulation blankets for both hot and cold service applications. Our aerogel blanket insulation products have been widely used in industrial and building insulation markets for over a decade. Our unique patented process integrates aerogel into a fiber-batting reinforcement to create flexible, resilient and durable aerogel blankets with superior insulating properties. The aerogel part of our high performance insulation blankets is comprised of synthetic amorphous silica (SAS). The other major ingredient in our products is a non-woven, needled batting comprised of either E-glass fibers or a blend of polyester (PET) fibers and E-glass fibers.
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