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Koolada Cooling Agent Liquid

Create: 11/21/2019
Expired Date:never
Category: Food-additive [Food&Beverage&Tobacoo]
Message:What is Koolada Liquid? TAIMA Koolada Liquid WS-3 Powder chemical name is N-Ethyl-p-menthane-3-carboxamide, Cas No.: 39711-79-0. It is almost colorless white crystals, which as physiological coolant used in foods, beverages, chewing gum, toiletries, topical pharmaceutical formulations and oral hygiene products. It would be better when used together with peppermint oil. It can produce strong, fresh, long-lasting aroma. It tastes threshold is 200ppb (put resin-dipping paper into mouth). Cooling Agent WS-3 Powder become tasteless when the aroma reaches 10%, or a slight smell of alcohol and peppermint taste. Taste by concentration 10-100ppb it will be strong long time concentration to trigeminal nerve. Fresher taste will be stable slowly, and mouth will feel cool with a slight smell of camphor and menthol.
City:Xi'an Shaanxi[CN] 
Nov 26 2019Food Grade Coolant Ws23 Ws-23 Powder206
Nov 26 2019New Additive Cooling Agent Ws-23 Ws23 for Soap211
Nov 21 2019 Koolada Cooler Ws-23 CAS 51115-67-4213
Nov 21 2019High Quality Cooler Ws-12 Powder, CAS: 68489-09-8211
Nov 21 2019Coolant Ws-23 CAS: 51115-67-4231
Nov 21 2019Cooing Agent Solution244
Nov 21 2019 Food Additive Cooling Agent Coolada Ws-3 Powder CAS: 39711-79-0247
Nov 21 2019Koolada Cooling Agent Liquid243
Nov 21 2019Koolada Liquid Ws3 for Vape Juice207
Nov 21 2019Cooling Agent Ws-23 CAS 51115-67-4 for New Additive Ingredients of Soap202

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