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High Quality Cooler Ws-12 Powder, CAS: 68489-09-8

Create: 11/21/2019
Expired Date:never
Category: Food-additive [Food&Beverage&Tobacoo]
Message:What is Cooler WS-12? Tizan Cooling Agent WS-12 powder is a potent TRPM8 agonist that acts as a cooling agent (EC50 = 193 nM). It robustly activated TRPM8 in low micromolar concentrations (EC50 12+/-5 microM) thereby displaying a higher potency and efficacy compared to menthol (EC50 196+/-22 microM). The selectivity profile of WS-12, its several-fold higher potency and around two-fold increase in efficacy compared to menthol warrants its potential utility for therapy in chronic neuropathic pain states and as a diagnostic probe in prostate cancer. It is a menthol derivative. But unlike menthol, it is virtually nonvolatile, odorless and tasteless. It offers one of the strongest initial cooling impacts and a significantly longer lasting effect comparing with such conventional coolants such as WS-3, WS-5, and WS-23. It has potential for use in mint flavors in oral care applications as well as confectionary and chewing gum depending on dosage levels. In addition it can be used at low levels to impart freshness into berry, citrus and other fruit flavors in a variety of applications. WS-12 has been found to cool primarily at the front of the tongue.
City:Xi'an Shaanxi[CN] 
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